Performance Management Framework

Finance works to facilitate the efficient operation of government

Relationship to government goals

Broad government goals are supported at agency level by specific outcomes. Agencies deliver services to achieve these outcomes. The following table illustrates the relationship between the agency’s services and desired outcomes, and the government goal it contributes to.

The key effectiveness indicators measure the extent of impact of the delivery of services on the achievement of desired outcomes. The key efficiency indicators monitor the relationship between the services delivered and the resources used to produce the service.

Shared responsibilities with other agencies

Integral to the success of both the Department and the Government is the ability to partner with others.

As a central agency, the Department works closely across the sector to facilitate the efficient operation of government, informed decision-making and value-for-money outcomes for Western Australians.

This is achieved through providing leadership and strategic advice to government on initiatives to improve the operations and management of services across the public sector.

Government goals Desired outcomes Services
Sustainable Finances
Responsible financial management and better service delivery. Due and payable revenue is collected and eligible grants, subsidies and rebates paid.

1. Revenue assessment and collection, and grants and subsidies administration.

Value for money from public sector procurement.

2. Development and management of Common Use Contract Arrangements, State Fleet leasing and disposal and providing facilitation service for agency specific contracts.

Efficient and effective corporate services to client agencies.

3. Corporate services to client agencies.

Value for money from the management of the Government’s non-residential buildings and public works.

4. Leads the planning, delivery, management and maintenance of government buildings, projects and office accommodation.

5. Leads the planning and delivery of major government building projects.