Operational Structure and Governance

One Finance

This year Finance commenced its organisational transformation project – One Finance. We have considered our existing structure and thoroughly engaged with our customers and staff, which has resulted in us refining our vision and structure to better deliver advice and services to our customers.

We started by reflecting on our role within the whole-of-government reform agenda. We leveraged insights from sector-wide reviews, including the State Government’s Service Priority Review and the Special Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects, to determine where we can add value to government. We undertook a period of self-reflection to determine how we can go from a solid central agency to a high performing central agency.

Several Corporate Executive workshops were held to develop and debate the new organisational structure and operational plans. Finance staff were engaged to uncover opportunities to streamline processes, encourage innovation and reduce duplication within the Department.

As a result, the Department of Finance has a new proposed structure, which has been showcased to staff for consultation. The structure is based on our core business – Advise, Build, Buy and Collect – and where we add value across the sector.


Our mission remains the same – driving practical, cost-effective and quality outcomes across government to benefit Western Australians – and we are delivering this via three specific ongoing objectives:

  1. placing customers at the centre of all we do;
  2. being outcomes focused – collaborative, innovative and values-led; and
  3. becoming the best place to work in government with engaged, inspired and proud staff.


There is an increased focus on our values; delivering services that are reflective of being:

  • bold and innovative
  • inspiring and influential
  • passionate and committed
  • honest and respectful

Examples of our values in action this year are showcased as case studies throughout the Annual Report.

Consultation with staff will continue into the next financial year with a confirmed operating structure expected to be mobilised in early 2020.

The transition to the new structure is expected to be challenging but the Corporate Executive strongly believe it will position the agency to achieve its new objectives and become a stronger asset for government.

Enabling legislation

The Department of Finance was established as a department on 1 July 2011, under section 35 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994.

Responsible Minister

The Department of Finance reports to the Minister for Finance, held by the Hon Ben Wyatt MLA.


As part of the transformation to the new structural model we have streamlined our processes to be more efficient and customer focused. As a result, the following committees were disbanded this year:

  • Finance and Procurement Committee;
  • People and Communications Committee; and
  • Digital Services Information Committee.

The functions and responsibilities of these committees have transferred to the Corporate Executive. The Audit and Risk Management Committee also supports Finance’s Corporate Executive.

Legislation administered

Organisational structure


Functional structure