Director General’s


I joined as Director General in August 2018 enthusiastic about enhancing Finance’s role within the public sector and becoming functional leaders in delivering the whole-of-government targets

The Department of Finance continues to be a central government agency providing strategic advice, leadership and cost-effective services to our customers.

I joined as Director General in August 2018 enthusiastic about enhancing Finance’s role within the public sector and becoming functional leaders in delivering the whole-of- government targets outlined in the WA Government’s Our Priorities: Sharing Prosperity strategy.

We are an agency that delivers a wide variety of services to our customers. Put simply, we advise, build, buy and collect. This year we have advised Government and our agency counterparts on whole-of-government reform initiatives, including leading the Enhance Public Sector Procurement reform initiative. A framework has been developed with an intent to make it easier for suppliers and contractors to do business with government and reduce the confusion experienced by public sector employees in procuring goods, services and works.

We again played a significant role in the construction of major public infrastructure, including the New Museum project, while also delivering new developments and upgrades to schools, health facilities and prisons. This year we delivered more than 75 projects with a combined budget of approximately $480 million on behalf of other departments including Education, Justice and Health.

Finance continues to realise significant savings in government procurement by using government’s buying power to get value-for-money on behalf of the taxpayer. I am particularly impressed with the savings we have generated through the electricity Common Use Arrangement (CUA).

We collected around $7 billion of revenue on behalf of government for civic use, and did so with the customer in mind. Our ongoing focus on the transition to digital services provides flexibility and reduces the administrative burden on the taxpayer. This year marked the start of an organisational review. We have listened to our customers and staff and are reorganising our structure to improve services to our wide range of stakeholders and better utilise the talent we have within the business.

We are also conducting business with our values in mind. We are bold and innovative as evident in our approach to digital solutions. We are committed to realising savings for government and the taxpayer, as demonstrated by the $113 million in savings for the Government Office Accommodation Reform Program. We are passionate about modernising the way in which the public service operates through the transition to Activity Based Work – an agile, collaborative and sustainable work environment.

We are inspiring and influential in our implementation of the Aboriginal Procurement Policy. We recognise the benefits that government contracts can have on Aboriginal communities and the new employment opportunities that they can create for Aboriginal people across the State.

We are honest and respectful. Finance staff are located across the State, including in 12 regional offices, and we value honest and respectful communication with each other and our customers. Finance also invests in its people, through training and events, mentoring opportunities and through our nationally recognised graduate program.

There were plenty of challenges we faced over the past year. I am particularly focused on getting the right people in the right jobs while also improving our gender and diversity balance. How can we deliver services to the public if we do not accurately reflect the public? We remain committed to responding to our challenges and to delivering practical, cost-effective and quality outcomes across government to benefit Western Australians.