Key Performance


Certification of Key Performance Indicators

For the reporting period ended 30 June 2019

I hereby certify that the key performance indicators are based on proper records, are relevant and appropriate for assisting users to assess the Department of Finance’s performance, and fairly represent the performance of the Department for the financial year ended 30 June 2019.

Jodi Cant
Director General
23 August 2019

Performance Assessment


The Government desired outcomes that the Department works to achieve through its services are:

Government goals Desired outcomes Services
Sustainable Finances
Responsible financial management and better service delivery. Due and payable revenue is collected and eligible grants, subsidies and rebates paid.

1. Revenue assessment and collection, and grants and subsidies administration.

Value for money from public sector procurement.

2. Development and management of Common Use Contract Arrangements, State Fleet leasing and disposal and providing facilitation service for agency specific contracts.

Efficient and effective corporate services to client agencies.

3. Corporate services to client agencies.

Value for money from the management of the Government’s non-residential buildings and public works.

4. Leads the planning, delivery, management and maintenance of government buildings, projects and office accommodation.

5. Leads the planning and delivery of major government building projects.

Measuring the Performance

The Department of Finance measures its performance through statistical information and survey questionnaires. Statistical indicators are included to help report performance in both outcome and service areas. The use of in-house statistical data complements the survey-based results and adds scope and objectivity to the sources of information used in measuring our performance.