Other Legal Requirements

Expenditure on advertising, market research, polling and direct mail

In accordance with section 175E of the Electoral Act 1907, total advertising related expenditure this year was $12,263.

Agency/Organisation Total $ Amount $
Advertising Agencies 12,263
   Adcorp 782
   Initiative Media Australia 10,958
   Thomson Reuters 523
Market Research Organisations Nil
Polling Organisations Nil
Direct Mail Organisations Nil
Media Advertising Organisations Nil
Total Expenditure 12,263

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan outcomes

The Department is committed to access and inclusion for people with disabilities. Through its Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) 2017-22, the Department seeks to ensure people with a disability have an equal level of inclusion and access to services and employment.

The Department’s DAIP committee meets quarterly to drive initiatives and review matters affected by the DAIP Plan. New DAIP initiatives implemented in 2018-19 included:

  • further enhancement of the diversity in our workforce with the recruitment of two employees with a disability through the Department’s graduate program;
  • a ‘Supporting Access and Inclusion’ event where guest speakers shared their experiences on working with a disability in government, and knowledge on DAIP lessons learnt. This promoted the development and understanding of access and inclusion across the Department;
  • celebrating diversity events and promoting a better understanding of access and inclusion across the Department;
  • in line with its ‘Diversity in Finance’ paper, a new ‘Passport - Reasonable Adjustment’ process was introduced. This offers employees with a disability the option of recording any unique work-based personal requirements with the Occupational Safety and Health team and assists them with an easy assimilation into their new work area when moving location or changing managers;
  • a revision and upgrade of the Department’s ‘Disability Awareness’ eLearning module that all staff are required to complete, and assists their understanding of issues around disability in the workplace and the wider community;
  • improvements with kitchen signage for employees who are vision impaired; and
  • an upgrade of the DAIP intranet pages to ensure currency of information and resources to assist staff.

The Department takes a lead role across the sector by driving the Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE) initiative through Government Procurement, which assists other WA Government agencies to understand the capabilities and benefits of working with ADEs.

Compliance with public sector standards and ethical codes

The Department has maintained its good record in complying with public sector standards and the public sector code of ethics, delivering its training programs through online and face-to-face sessions, tailored for new and existing employees.

Over the year, the Department continued to provide proactive guidance to managers and staff to ensure that recruitment processes complied with public sector standards. The Department successfully completed 40 recruitment processes this year from which 1,590 applications were received.

Two breach of standard claims were lodged during the year. One claim related to a breach of the Employment Standard and the other claim related to a breach of the Grievance Resolution Standard. The claim relating to the Employment Standard was subsequently withdrawn and the claim relating to the Grievance Resolution Standard is yet to be finalised. Three cases of non-compliance with the Code of Conduct were finalised and one formal grievance investigation was completed.

Departmental policies, procedures and guidelines are maintained to satisfy legislative requirements.

No disclosures were received in 2018-19 under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003.

Recordkeeping plans

The Department continues to review its recordkeeping program and as a result has published a new online Recordkeeping training program for all employees. The online program, which is an important component in on-boarding new employees, is supported by our intranet Records Manager support page that provides user guides and contacts to assist employees navigate the recordkeeping system.

An updated Recordkeeping Plan has been submitted to the State Records Commission for approval and includes new procedures for digitisation. Our new Recordkeeping Plan embraces the Born Digital strategic direction and reflects our significant progress in achieving a digital transformation.

The Department is continuing its testing in readiness for the upgrade of the Document Management System and progress the implementation of a rendering module that will ensure the long term preservation of our archival digital records.

Accessing financial information

Freedom of Information Act 1992 (FOI Act)

The FOI Act requires WA Government agencies to give members of the public right of access to government information.

Statistical information relating to formal access applications lodged with Finance under the FOI Act is provided in the following table and more details can be found as part of the annual report of the Office of the Information Commissioner of WA.

Applications made under section 10 of the FOI Act

In 2018-19, Finance received 38 access applications out of which two were from individuals requesting their personal information. Disclosure decisions covered areas of responsibility and records held by the Office of State Revenue, Building Management and Works, Government Procurement and Corporate Services. The following were some of the document categories that were subject to consideration:

  • documents held by the Office of State Revenue in relation to companies under current administration including correspondence, payroll tax assessments, duties and account information;
  • Strategic Projects communications related to the Perth Children’s Hospital Project;
  • documents relating to tender assessments, evaluations and decisions associated with building projects; and
  • various documents regarding contractual administration under Common Use Arrangements.

In 2018-19, three applications for internal review were dealt with and there were no applications for external review.

Applications made under section 10 of the FOI Act

Applications 2017-18 2018-19
New applications received during the year 29 41
Decisions made during the year 24(a) 38(b)
Average time to process (days) 40 42
Outcomes 2017-18 2018-19
Full access 15 25
Edited access 5 8
Deferred access 0 0
Section 26 access 2 4
Section 28 access 0 0
Access refused 2 1
Total decisions 24 38
Transferred to other agencies 5 1
Withdrawn 2 2
Total applications finalised 31 41
Reviews 2017-18 2018-19
Internal reviews 1 3
External reviews - complaints 0 0

(a) Includes 8 applications carried over from 2016-17.
(b) Includes 6 applications carried over from 2017-18.

Government Building Training Policy

The Government Building Training Policy aims to increase the number of apprentices and trainees in the building and construction industry. It requires contractors that are awarded State Government building, construction and maintenance contracts to commit to meeting a target rate of training of apprentices and trainees.

The Government Building Training Policy applies to:

  • All State Government building and construction contracts, including civil and engineering contracts with an estimated labour value of $2 million and over for the construction component of the contract;
  • All State Government maintenance contracts, with an estimated labour component of $2 million and over; and
  • All State Government agencies (as defined in section 3 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994) that enter into these contracts.

In 2018-19 all contractors met the target training rate. No contractors applied for a variation to the target training rate.

Measure Number of contracts
Building and construction 2019
Awarded 32
Commenced reporting 11(a)
Continued reporting from previous reporting period 20
Target training rate
Met or exceeded 31
Did not meet 0
Granted a variation 0

(a) One contractor is yet to commence reporting.

No maintenance contracts with a requirement to meet the target training rate were awarded in 2018-19.