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to Government Office Accommodation reforms

Finance remains committed to realising significant savings to government and the WA taxpayer via the Government Office Accommodation (GOA) Reform Program in support of government’s Debt Reduction Strategy.

In only its second year of operation, Finance has exceeded the expected annual targets and identified significant opportunities to reduce the size and cost of government office accommodation.

To date, Finance has reported total savings across the existing office accommodation portfolio of over $113 million. In 2018-19, significant savings were achieved through the renegotiation of several high priority government leases in the Perth CBD to take advantage of the current favourable property market conditions.

Finance manages over 560,000 square metres of office accommodation across WA. Our whole-of-government approach to the planning, procurement and management of accommodation enables us to aggregate agencies’ office accommodation needs and utilise government’s large buying power to further reduce the overall expenditure.

Additionally, Finance’s commitment to collecting and analysing information on 155 agency-owned buildings is progressing well with value-for-money accommodation proposals expected to be identified and presented to government by the end of 2019.

The program is expected to reduce government office accommodation by around 50,000 square metres and realise a further $30.5 million by June 2022.

Relocation of government offices

This year saw Finance reach a major milestone with the successful relocation of over 700 Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) staff to a new leased building, Prime House, in Joondalup.

DWER Director General Mike Rowe acknowledged the Department of Finance team who led the Joondalup accommodation project stating: “The team at the Department of Finance worked with us tirelessly to plan for the move, identify our requirements, and assist us in the change management program to support staff in making this significant shift. They did a magnificent job in delivering our excellent new head office.”

The relocation to Joondalup will save an estimated $28 million over 15 years and reduce government’s office accommodation footprint by 3,800 square metres. The relocation is expected to play a significant role in the future growth and development of Joondalup as a vibrant and vital city centre.

The relocation of the Department of Communities head office functions to new premises in Fremantle is progressing, and more than 1,500 staff are expected to move to Kings Square Fremantle in early 2020.

Finance has also undertaken various expressions of interest (EOI) for office space, including space for a Western Australia Police Force headquarters, a police complex in Fremantle, a Parliamentary Precinct in West Perth and a consolidation of agencies in Bunbury. Subject to the outcomes of the EOIs, submissions will be made to the Government.

Co-Working Hub Strategy

Joondalup and Fremantle are vital cogs in government’s Co-Working Hub Strategy, which leverages the GovNext service to allow staff to access their agency’s network services from selected government office buildings in strategic metropolitan locations.

The decentralisation of government agencies to major metropolitan activity centres will drive the growth in infrastructure, public transport, local business and services within neighbouring suburbs. It is expected to ease the strain on public transport into Perth during peak periods and assist the reduction of traffic congestion in the Perth CBD.

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