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Welcome to our 2018-19 Annual Report. The Report outlines our operational, financial and business performance for the financial year and is structured in the following areas:


Includes comments from the Director General, Jodi Cant, outlines the changes made to the organisation over the year and provides a snapshot of our performance.

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Agency performance

Showcases the achievements of our people across our main functional areas – Advise, Build, Buy, and Collect.

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Significant issues

Outlines the issues we faced over the year and our approach to solving these issues.

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Disclosure and compliance

Includes our financial statements and actual results for both financial and non-financial performance.

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We encourage feedback. Please email us so we can improve our Annual Report next year.

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Department of Finance Annual Report 2018-19

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Key legislation

The Department of Finance complies with all relevant legislation that governs its functions.

The Department also has responsibility for the administration of 21 Acts and collected taxes, duties and fees, and paid subsidies, grants and rebates during 2018-19 in accordance with legislation.

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